Disinfection of cooling water

Germs in the cooling water can lead to health hazards, odour problems and clogging of the piping systems. Therefore, according to VDI 2047, cooling water circuits have to be disinfected.

According to VDI guideline 2047 sheet 2 must:

The disinfectant is registered for the product type PT 11 for cooling water and the efficacy against legionella must be proven according to DIN EN 13623.

Kyrol TC is registered for product type 11 and the bactericidal efficacy against Legionella according to DIN EN 13623 has been proven. Thus, Kyrol TC meets these requirements and is ideally suited for the disinfection of cooling water.

Kyrol TC penetrates the protective layer in biofilms and reliably eliminates biofilms. Kyrol TC is supplied as a ready-to-use solution. The active substance is formed in situ, directly in the water.

Therefore no activation is necessary. Dosing is carried out directly from the delivery container by means of a dosing pump.

The use of Kyrol TC can be monitored amperometrically in the treated water. Close-meshed microbiological tests, as required for the use of non-oxidative biocides, are not necessary.

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