Efficient disinfection of the water in the tanks of your mobile homes and boats

Even if you are travelling in a caravan or on a boat, you don't have to do without germfree drinking water. We offer suitable products for the size of your water tank.

Efficient disinfection of the water in your drinking bottle

In addition, for small quantities of water we also offer our products in vials with a pipette attachment as a set. By dispensing with the pipette attachment, it is also possible to disinfect water in drinking bottles (1-2 drops per litre). This is ideal e.g. for hikers and campers who cannot carry a large water tank with them.

Our products:

lead to the safe disinfection of drinking water on the go

also disinfect pipes and tanks

are easy to dose

are effective against bacteria, fungi, algae, Legionella or viruses

prevent the formation of biofilm

remove existing biofilm

do not contain any heavy metals

do not change the pH value of the water to be treated

are low-corrosion

are approved by the German Drinking Water Ordinance

The best drinking water in the mobile home, on the boat and whilst camping