Swift production    -    Stable solution    -    Safe application

Previously, two components were used to produce chlorine dioxide. With the use of our patented 2-in-1 KyroONE® product, only one component is needed. In contrast to other products on the market, KyroONE® is chemically stable, does not cause odour problems and has a good flowability as a powder. All components of KyroONE® are listed in §11 of the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV).

In order to increase the user friendliness of KyroONE®, we have filled it into capsules: KyroCAPS®.

KyroCAPS® are the solution when it is necessary to produce a pure chlorine dioxide solution - free from ions such as sodium, chloride, chlorite, chlorate, perchlorate and persulphate. Due to the innovative KyroCAPS® substances other than the desired disinfectant chlorine dioxide are not released into the water. KyroCAPS® are the choice, when small quantities of water need to be disinfected with pure chlorine dioxide. The result is an electrolyte-free chlorine dioxide solution. A capsule is designed for 100 litres of water and can be added directly to the water to be treated.

KyroCAPS® can be supplied in various package sizes on request.

The capsules can also be supplied as ready-to-use sets for disinfecting smaller amounts of water. A set consists of a capsule in a vial with pipette attachment. By adding water to the vial a concentrated chlorine dioxide solution is produced. With the pipette attachment smaller amounts of water are treated by dropwise metered additions of the chlorine dioxide solution.

KyroCAPS® Air:

For disinfecting enclosed air spaces (such as in the refrigerator), we offer the set KyroCAPS® Air. The set consists of several containers with capsules and a suction cup holder. The suction cup holder can be mounted on a wall in the interior of a refrigerator and an open capsule container inserted into the holder. In conjunction with air humidity, a small amount of chlorine dioxide is formed, which is released into the air and leads to the disinfection of the interior. One capsule usually lasts for about 6 months.


  • prevent direct contact with the chemicals
  • produce a precise amount of chlorine dioxide
  • are ideal for the direct disinfection of small water systems (e.g. filters, tanks)
  • are also suitable for disinfecting closed air spaces (e.g. refrigerators), as small quantities of chlorine dioxide are continuously produced due to air humidity