Swift production    -    Stable solution    -    Safe application

KyroCHLOR is a one-component powder mixture for the production of chlorine.


  • unlike chloric granules KyroCHLOR doesn't smell like chlorine
  • in contrast to hypochlorite solutions KyroCHLOR is chemically stable
  • all components of KyroCHLOR are listed in the German Drinking Water Ordinance (TrinkwV)
  • KyroCHLOR powder has good flowability
  • easy handling and transport due to low weight and volume
  • the on-site generation of chlorine ensures a defined concentration of active chlorine
  • KyroCHLOR neither requires chlorine gas cylinders nor electrically powered equipment to produce chlorine solutions

Upon request we offer KyroCHLOR in containers of various sizes for producing different amounts of chlorine.