The application areas of our products - KyroChem GmbH

Our main product is KYROZID®

About the product: we developed KYROZID® to accelerate the protracted reaction between sodium peroxodisulfate and sodium chlorite, i.e. to reduce the very long reaction time of the two reactants from several days to just a few hours. KYROZID®  is available in both liquid and fine crystalline form. The chlorine dioxide solution produced from it is chemically very stable and has a high degree of purity.

No copper and silver salts

No sodium hydrogen sulphate

Very stable chlorine dioxide solution

Very rapid chlorine dioxide formation

No pH value shift of the treated water

KyroChem GmbH – our KYROZID® product range for many applications

We supply KYROZID® as tabs, powders, caps and in liquid state. The patented disinfectants are used in many areas such as drinking water disinfection, swimming pools, agriculture, disinfection of filters or cooling water, in households or on boats, in the industry, in the motor vehicle sector and in laboratories.

You will find an overview of the wide range of applications for our products on the following pages.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

KyroChem GmbH – our KYROZID® product range for many applications