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Kyrol TC

A unique, safe, liquid combination product with in-situ, complex Chlorine Dioxide that transforms biocidal applications. The most powerful and environmentally friendly way to treat water to the highest standard.

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The ultimate biocidal disinfectant that delivers a constant source of potent free, standard Chlorine Dioxide.

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Kyrol TC Syringe

Liquid Chlorine Dioxide packaged in a syringe for easy and quick dosing directly into the system.

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Kyrol TC
Pool Cleaner

A liquid cleaning agent five times stronger than Chlorine. It kills Legionella, germs and bacteria in swimming spools and spa facilities.

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Benefits of Chlorine Dioxide as a biocide

Chlorine Dioxide is commonly regarded as the strongest, most selective oxidant which reacts rapidly with oxidisable materials for highly efficacious microbial control in any water system. Chlorine Dioxide does not form trihalomethanes (THM) but will significantly lower THM Precursors. In sufficient quantity, Chlorine Dioxide destroys phenols without creating the taste problems of chlorinated Phenols.

Chlorine Dioxide is also used for the oxidation of Sulphides, Iron, and Manganese.

Chlorine Dioxide minimises wasteful reactions with organic molecules in contrast to more aggressive, less selective oxidisers. This conserves Chlorine Dioxide for its intended disinfection and/or targeted oxidation purposes, thereby promoting better system control and biosecurity, at lower application dosages.

Chlorine Dioxide delivers lower generation of toxic by-products when compared to less selective chemistries, such as Sodium Hypochlorite.

Chlorine Dioxide is relatively unaffected by changes in pH in the range of 6-10 making it effective at a wider range than other biocides.

As a strong oxidiser, Chlorine Dioxide delivers broad spectrum performance against bacteria, fungi, algae, viruses, and parasitic microorganisms.

Chlorine Dioxide kills microorganisms and deactivates sporulated species. By holding a minimal, easily detectable Chlorine Dioxide residual concentration for a sustained period, bacteria are killed quickly at low effective dosage levels and inactivation of sporulates species occurs rapidly and at low concentration.

Chlorine Dioxide rapidly inactivates waterborne viruses such as Rotavirus and can also be used to kill both Giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium oocysts. In industrial applications it is very effective against Sulphate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) and Acid Producing Bacteria (APB).

In its primary role as a disinfectant, Chlorine Dioxide disrupts critical cell physiological functions, such as protein synthesis and cell membrane permeability. The oxidation mechanism targets disulphide bonds in amino acids, resulting in damage to the tertiary and quaternary protein structures and alteration of the outer cell membrane. The collective damage that results from this multi-faceted cellular attack makes Chlorine Dioxide both broad spectrum and efficacious at very low dosage rates.

Chlorine Dioxide is highly effective in destroying and preventing the formation of biofilm. Biofilm is a matrix of slime, mineral deposits and microorganisms that forms inside water piping, system dead legs, cooling tower sumps and packing etc. and causes human exposure to harmful pathogens.

Sodium Hypochlorite is ineffective at killing or removing biofilm. Chlorine Dioxide can penetrate the biofilm and oxidises the bonds to the surface to which the biofilm adheres.

Chlorine Dioxide is highly effective for algae control and the control and destruction of Legionella.


The KyroChem product range delivers multi-sector treatment solutions to deliver high performance microbial control for stressed and high volume water applications including:

Aquaculture and

Fish Farming


Clean in Place

Cooling Towers

Data Centres


Distilleries and




Food Processing

Fracking and Oil



Hotels and


Human and Animal

Drinking Water

Industrial Process



Listeria Treatment

and Prevention


Paper and Pulp


Salt Water Disposal

(SWD) Wells


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